i have been home for 3 days now. it is fun to be home, but it can also be tiring since i usually squeeze as much into a few days as i can. 

thursday holly and caroline picked me up from the airport. i haven't been home since december, so i was shocked at how big caroline was. we went to dinner, and we shopped. typical. 

friday, i took laura and lynne lunch at school, and i said hi to some teachers and coaches. then i went to maria's house and we made cuppy cakes. that is a fancy way of saying cupcake. yesterday was also good friday so the fam went to church for a good friday service. it was a bit unusual this year, and there was a jewish man there from Jews for Jesus. he gave us a presentation on passover which was interesting. just a little bit different from our normal good friday service. 

today, i had breakfast with alexis which made me so happy that i could cry. me and alexis used to be together practically everyday, and i miss her so much. in highschool (how bizarre is it that i can say that? am i seriously in college?) we aided together during the lunch hour. so we did a lot of lunching and not a lot of aiding. we went out to lunch almost every single day, sometimes to multiple places. we would also go shopping during our lunch hour. we were ridiculous but we had so much fun. man, i miss it a lot. anyway, we had breakfast and then... we went shopping. obviously. the bad thing about us shopping together is that we buy things that we don't need and we encourage each other way to much. "oh my gosh, lex, that's so cute." came out of my mouth way to many times today. we are impulse buyers for sure.

after we reluctantly parted ways, i came home and my neighbor invited me, laura, and lynne to his backyard to play with puppies. (that sounds soooo creepy.) they were 3 week old labs, and i honestly thought i might die. they were so cute and there was 8 of them. i don't even like animals, but i let them lick me anyway. they were adorable. here are some pictures that i took for you to drool over.

this last one was my favorite. he was sort of red and precious. oh my word.

now we are going to eat dinner. yes we are eating dinner at 9:15pm. 
that's how we roll.


  1. Kimberly, you crack me up! Thanks for the precious pictures! I definitely drooled a little :)

  2. So you got me one of those puppies right??


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