30 days.

in 30 days i will be done with my sophomore year of college. holy. smokes. 30 days is not that long at all. in fact it seems really soon... until i think about how much will happen between now and then. i have papers to write, people to see, places to be, grades to keep, i don't know how i am going to get it all done. right now i should be writing a paper that is due at midnight. buuuuuuuuuuut blogging sounded like way more fun.

i like to keep track of the days. these are the things i'm currently keep track of:

   4 days until my mommy comes to see me at school
  10 days until i go to kansas for easter.
  17 days until i go to wisconsin with my friend quinn to see our friends, laura and            courtney.
 30 days until my summer officially starts, and i go home for 17 days.
 48 days until i leave kansas for alaska and get to see laura and courtney again.
 51 days until i arrive in alaska.
135 days until i am home from alaska for a week.
142 days until i have to be at school for ra training.

never a dull moment. in order for all of those ^ things to happen successfully, i need to write a paper about basic christian doctrine. joy.

keep it classy.

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