my cousin paige.

new student orientation - freshman year.
i have mentioned paige in my blog several times, but i randomly felt like she deserved a whole blog just for being so great. so, here is the story of paige.

paige and i met at registration in the summer of 2010, right before our freshman year. we didn't really hang out at registration, but we had made mutual friends at registration, so when school rolled around we started to hang out. we were hoping to be suitemates, but that didn't work out. i cried. but it ended up being okay, and we both loved the dorms we were put in. paige's last name is oler which is basically the same as oyler, so we tell people we are long lost cousins except her dad forgot the y. paige likes to say that my dad added the y. to keep it fair we just say someone spelled it wrong. sometimes people believe us and it is funny. 

paige and i didn't really know anyone else at the beginning of the year, so we were together a lot. we walked around the school saying "we go here" constantly. we both love our school, and its just so nuts that we go there! eventually we started to make friends in our own dorms, so we weren't together as much. second semester we had registration family dinner every monday with other girls we had met at registration. it was so fun to get to see each other every week since we were spread out all over campus. 

this year paige and i live in the same complex and we share a lobby, so we see each other all the time. i love it. we have date nights on monday nights which include delicious dinners in baldwin and bikes rides if its warm. we like to go on "tour de IWU" and race around the campus. it's great. last semester we would go running or biking together almost everyday, but it hasn't happened this semester. we also like to go on dates to things like FNL, mr. wildcat, and JK. usually we go to mcconn and buy drinks before. sometime we'll even buy each other's tickets and drinks so its a real date. 

i love having my long lost cousin at school with me, and i often dream of the picture we will take together at graduation. hopefully we are smiling just as big. it will be sad to part ways, but paige is the kind of friend you keep for life, so i'm not worried. and we aren't graduating for two years, soooo i should probably calm down. 

some things i love about paige is her giant heart for africa and freshman, her good taste in music, her laugh, her honesty, her sense of humor, how she calls me her IT girl, blogging together, our mutual love for mommy blogs, and her mom. her mom is great. :)

i love you paige! thanks for taking me to the airport! 


  1. In the nonsense of the week I forget to check your blog on wednesday! I hate that! But such a friday treat for me!!!! You are so sweet! I love this and YOU SOOO much! I miss you this weekend :(

  2. Kim, how is it that neither of you told me you said lovely thing about me in your blog until I stumbled upon it today???? What a delightful blog from a delightful girl! Good luck on finals and I will look forward to reading about Alaska again!!!!!


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