last week of classes.

okay. so, today is monday. monday is a day that i generally do not appreciate. but, today, welcoming monday means welcoming the last week of classes. i am welcoming this week with arms wide open. kinda like this:
except without the boat. and the necklace. and the boy. okay, really its not all that much like this except that my arms look like that. kinda. 

speaking of titanic, it has recently been re-released in 3D. who wants to go? annnybody?
 i love that movie. 

anyway. i am out of my mind excited about school being over. yes, i am sad that i have to say goodbye to my friends for the summer, but summer isn't all that long and we will be back again. 

i was a bit nervous about all the homework that i have due this week, but my professors heard my cries and pushed all the big things back to next wednesday. i have never been so relieved. to celebrate, i read blogs about people i don't know in mcconn for a few hours. i know, it's a problem. but i just love reading stranger's blogs. it is one of my favorite hobbies. after that i celebrated again by taking a nap, and then again by reading the paper in my bed like an old man. 

date night with paige rounded out this joyful monday, and now it is time for work. my very last monday shift. ever. also, i get to read the entire book of revelation in one sitting. doesn't that sound like a fun way to end your day? you know, by reading about the ending of the world? yeah. no. 


p.s. i realized a few moments ago that i walked around the student center for like an hour with a price tag hanging from my armpit. classy as usual. but so embarrassing. 

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