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i'm laying on my futon while i read scholarly articles and listen to jim brickman. to you this may sound boring, but to me it is heaven. today is the laziest day of my life. that may be an exaggeration. i just ate a delicious homemade cookie that i made with courtney this weekend and it took me a whole 3 minutes to convince myself to get up and go to the bathroom even though i was sure i was going to peeee my pants. my life is hard. obviously. today i slept til 10:30 due to the fact that i didn't get back from indy until 1:45 last night. i skipped my 9:25 philosophy class (sorry mom) and went to lunch with marinana at 11:30. now i have found my way to the futon where i will lay for an extended amount of time reading articles for a research paper. it. is. glorious.

last night i went to the david crowder, gungor, chris august, and john mark mcmillan concert in indy. oh. my. woooooooord. it was so good. john mark mcmillan had absolutely zero facial expression which was sort of hysterical. chris august made my heart melt into lava. gungor just blew my mind to shreds. and david crowder was so good. i don't understand how it's possible that his hobo self can produce that beautiful voice. gungor had a beat boxing cellist. it was crazy. they were all hilarious. probably the highlights were when the whole line up sang this together. i also enjoyed Oh Praise Him. i've wanted to hear that song live since the first time i heard it. dream come true. another highlight would have to be when i proposed to christ august via twitter and he accepted. if you watch this, you will want to marry him too. this was david crowder's farewell tour which makes me sad, but i've always wanted to see them, so i'm glad i finally got to.

i am probably going home with paige this weekend. so, i'm trying to get as much done as i can before we leave. (obviously blogging is a priority?!? duhhhh.)

i have a blog post with some actual meaning written inside my head, but it just hasn't made its way on to paper yet. look forward to that.

peace and big fat rainy blessings.

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