speed blog.

I'm sitting in Caribou Coffee with paige in a suburb of Chicago. I'm typing with proper capitalization and grammer because I am in the middle of a argumentative research paper for my English Comp. class. It is a butt load of work. I'm taking a teensy little break right now because I would go crazy if I didn't. 

Paige and I arrived at her humble abode around 9 last night. Sandy (Paige's mom) was anxiously awaiting our arrival. We hadn't even opened our doors yet and she was already standing in the front doorway! She's precious. We were barely in the door and we already had bowls of apple cake and mint chocolate chip ice cream in our hands. It was so delightful! 

Paige and I were just discussing our futures. We have decided to drop out of college, start cute coffee shops, and live in precious apartments. This is the official announcement. Just kidding. That would be great though. 

We are also going a little app crazy. We have recently downloaded the Blackboard app for our iPhones, so we can always be on top of assignments and check our grades on the go. We just downloaded the Blogger app, so we can blog from anywhere! So exciting. Also, possibly contributing to the false sense of urgency I previously talked about. 

I wish writing a research paper was as easy as writing a blog. I'd get an A for sure. 

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