it's been a while.

i'm sorry.

i've been busy.

i bet you knew that.

so here's an update. complete with run on sentences and everything. lucky you.

i've been running around like a maniac. i was taking 17 credit hours, but i dropped one to avoid spontaneously combusting. it was a good call. i still have both jobs. one of them includes fighting the masses in chapel and denying people with McConn cups entry to the chapel. they hate me. it's fine. right now that particular job has me sitting at the desk in the chapel. in the dark. with a cup of vanilla chai. listening to the civil wars. i'm here from 6:30 - 10 to supervise people signing in and out for Still. it's an alternative chapel. my other job at the desk includes lots of crocheting time. and hot chocolate. and occasional onesies. which is excellent. super excellent.

i went home this past weekend, which was bittersweet. i wasn't planning on going home until christmas break which by the way feels like it is going to be super soon. but i ended up going home unexpectedly for my sweet, precious friend, Alexis's brothers funeral. i left friday morning for the airport at didn't exactly enjoy that. i was in lawrence by 9. and the funeral was at 2. obviously, going to a funeral wasn't super fun, actually it wasn't fun at all. but, it was really good to see people that i hadn't seen in a long time. like a really long time. friday night i took a 2.5 hour nap in my mom's bed when i was home alone. obviously, i was feeling really social. saturday was the maple leaf parade in baldwin which i have faithfully attended for 14 years. yes. 14. it was good. it's one of my favorite events of the whole year. not sure why. after the parade, i took pictures of benjamin and nathaniel. they were less than cooperative. this was not surprising to me. that night i got to go to the KU football game with my brother where we got our butts handed to us. regardless, i love KU and football, so it was fine. i got to go to my own church on sunday and then me and holly's precious baby (who got really big?!?!??!?!?) got to hang out/take pictures. i did most of the picture taking. caroline isn't really on that level yet. is anyone still reading? i flew back to indiana sunday night. i got in at 11:30 and got back to school at it's a 1.5 hour drive. it took me 3 hours. probably because i got on the wrong road due to exhaustion and drove all the way to purdue university before i realized that i was on I-65 and not I-69. purdue is an hour in the wrong direction. cool. ANNNNDDDD. the road i got on to correct my error closed! it straight up closed while i was driving on it. it was terrible. when i finally pulled into marion, my gas light came on. i thought i was dreaming. good news is that i made it. alive. with minimum gas to spare.

fall break is in 1 day, 9 hours and 5 minutes. i'm going to wisconsin to see the lovely courtney and laura. i cannot wait. it will be fantastic and i will be happy. i will smile. and drink hot chocolate. annnnnnnnd it's courtney's birthday! i love giving people presents! what a bonus!

i should write a paper now. but probably i'll pretend to be doing important things on facebook first. naturally.

oh! and it's Alaska day! the best day of the whole year! so put on a bear outfit and eat some salmon!


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  1. Run-on sentences are the best. Happy Fall Break!


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