do i blog too much?

yesterday was a glorious day for one reason: i gave my phone a day off and boy was it good! ever since i came back from alaska, i find my phone incredibly annoying. as excited as i am to talk to the people on the other side of it, i find myself becoming irritated when it buzzes constantly. i just want to throw it out the window sometimes! so, yesterday, i put it on silent when i woke up, threw it in my backpack and ignored it for the majority of the day. throughout the day, i found myself reaching for it when i thought of something i needed to tell someone. i realized that cell phones have created this obnoxious sense of false urgency. news flash: the world is not going to end if i have to wait a few hours to tell paige that there was life and captain crunch at the cereal bar. and guess what! the next time i saw her, i told her and it was just as great as it would have been if i would have texted her.

because of my dislike towards my phone, i've become increasingly bad at answering it/texting back. so for that i apologize. probably i'll get over it.


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  1. Great insight--the whole "sense of false urgency." It's so true! Maybe I shall give up my phone for a bit sometime as well. It could definitely be good for me.

    Also, I just want you to know that I love when I get a notification thing telling me that you posted on your blog. It makes me smile. Oh, and I have now read your entire blog from start to finish. It made me laugh out loud multiple times. That is all.


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