writing a blog makes my econ night class go faster.

i have the attention span of a gnat. 3 hour night classes are no good for me. especially ones with ranting professors whose first language is definitely not english. anyway.

chick-fil-a opened in the student center today. campus has been at a heightened level of excitement anticipating this grand day. i, on the other hand, couldn't. care. less. i don't really like chicken sandwiches and i try not to make a habit of eating french fries, so there really isn't a big draw for me. butttttttt, i couldn't resist partaking in "chick-fil-a day", so i too stood in the long winding lines. mondays are paige and i's date night, so we decided the best way to spend it would be to go on a run and then go get greasy fast food immediately after. sounds like a terrific idea right? wrong. our run was fine. neither of us had a ran in a long time, but we got through it just fine. however, chick-fil-a was a bad choice. and i mean just in general, but especially after running. we literally ran straight to chick-fil-a. i thought i was going to puke and the lines were stupid long. i just wanted to be able to say that i ate chick-fil-a on the first day it was open and now i can. probably i won't eat there again for a very long time. or ever again.

homework consumes my life.


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