happy monday.

i didn't exactly wake up with a smile on my face this morning. probably due to the time i went to bed last night. (ps. it wasn't even that late.) but it is beautiful out today and i am enjoying from my room because i need internet for the homework i'm currently procrastinating. let me tell you something. i hate homework (96% of the time) but i looooooove crossing things off my to-do list. for example, i had a world civ quiz that needed to be done and i was dreading it. but i buckled down and did it. guess what. it only took me 17 minutes, it was a piece of cake, and now its done! plus, i got to draw a nice line through "ch.1 quiz" on my list. that was the best part.

classes are starting to feel normal again. i have my first econ class tonight. besides that one class, i know what all my other classes expect of me and i'm not terribly worried about the work load. i'm still trying to figure out the best way to go about taking notes in anatomy. no computers = i never get it all written down/my notes look like words exploded on the page. i have some solutions cooking in my head for that, so we'll see.

summit is this week. summit is IWU's spiritual emphasis week and i loooove it. it's almost always good. the speaker's name is kimberly. so that was my first indication that she will be great. (ha.)

i should stop procrastinating. back to enjoying taylor swift and crossing things off my list!

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  1. If only her name were Becca, then she would be even more awesome!


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