the weekend.

hello amurrrrica.

i don't exactly remember what the last thing i blogged about was. but i do know that there were some pretty  exciting things that happened this weekend. the most exciting of all these things was when laura, joanna, and brittany and i put on all of our clothes. now, you might be wondering what exactly that means. let me tell you. it means that we each took every piece of clothing we brought with us and we put all of it on our bodies. and then we paraded around camp and showed everyone. oh man. it was hysterical. we were so hot and sweaty and it was disgusting. we kept walking up to people and quoting joey from friends saying "could i be wearing anymore clothes?!". dang. it was funny. it took a long time to get everything on and off  but it was really funny.
last night we had an all staff girls night. we had homemade ice cream and brownies. it was delicious. i won human bingo. naturally.
i also went on a horse ride yesterday. it was nice and enjoyable. my horse hated me. i kept trying to take pictures while riding and it just did not work out. we were going to ride out to this cool place called the point but the tide was too high. just so you know, every time i talk about the tide, it makes me feel really smart and scientifical. not sure why. yes, i know scientifical is not a word. live a little.
i also learned to crochet a mitten this weekend! it is the most awkward looking mitten ever, but it was my first one and i will treasure it forever! at least until i make one that i like better.

i can't think of anything great to tell you. but i miss the poop out of all of you!



  1. When you first said you wore all of your clothes it made me think of Friends too. Ha!

    That's great that you crocheted a mitten! I knit, but so far have only mastered scarfs. Gloves seem very tricky.

    Sounds like you're having so many fun adventures.

  2. haha you are a funny one! hope you got pictures of that clothing sounds hot. really hot. but fun nonetheless...

    uhm excuse me for being ignorant but...human bingo?? whats that?

    I cant see you being a big fan of horses but im glad you had fun! Im happy to see that your crocheting skills are improving. you should work your way up to making a whole outfit! for me! then send it in the mail! hahahahahaha

    oh just so you're smart whether you are talking about the tide or not.

    okay thats all for now.
    love you.
    <3 Rho Rho Ma


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