colt camp.

holy smokes. i feel like i held my breath all week long. thats really the only way to explain my complete exhaustion. who knew a small army of 7-9 year olds could annihilate 18 people twice their age. we all look a little tired. colt camp only goes until thursday, so thats nice. i might have gone crazy if i had to keep them until friday. colt camp consists of the following things: going to the bathroom 10+ times a day, being asked the same question repeatedly, explaining why we are doing the things we are doing over and over, puking, crying, having children hanging off of you, whining, explaining why life isn't fair, and lots of screaming. oh dear. it was really tiring. and for the most part, anything spiritual is completely over their head. which makes all the babysitting seem pointless. nothing exciting happened this week. except that me and laura got to counsel together. we wore matching outfits every day. naturally. apparently their has been a bear running around camp the last few nights. so i'm naturally freaking out. me and joanna just spent some time trying to catch a mouse. i didn't shower for 4 days. ahhh camp life is good.

i forgot to mention last week that we had a live nativity for the senior high banquet last week. i was baby Jesus. there is a picture on facebook to prove it.

i'm going to bed now. sorry this wasn't a real good one. but i'll be on work staff next week, so i'll try and update more.

love love love.

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