senior high.

well howdy. i'm sick. so that's cool. except not actually. due to the fact that i'm absolutely exhausted out of my mind and i'm sick, this is not going to be a long post or full of details. sorryz.

we had senior campers this week. both senior high camps have been some of my favorite weeks. i was pretty nervous about my campers at first, they didn't really seem like they were going to be very interested in anything remotely serious, but that turned out to not be the case.

tuesday we had crud war. i dislike crud war due to the smell. but i was prepared this week with a swim cap. nick powell is a jerk and he pulled it off after about 2 minutes. that did not feel good. but it turned out to be fine because this crud war was delicous. we had pancake batter, chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, raw eggs (not delicious or necessary), flour (also not delicious), and whipped cream. it couldn't stop eating it. it was loads of fun.

i don't exactly remember anything else that was outlandishly exciting. i went down the sky trolley in a dress. that was interesting. they wouldn't let me down either. that was interesting too. i was on the boat for tubing a lot. that made me happy. there were some really ridiculously cool girls in my friend joanna's cabin. we hung out a lot. we're hoping to see them again before we leave. some of them weren't really much younger than me. which is weird, but also cool because it's easier to talk to them.

this week was also hard. there were a lot of girls in my cabin who had been through some pretty horrible things in their lives and recently. it was hard explaining to some girls that being baptized as a baby didn't give them salvation. it was hard to see the gospel explained over and over and still not be accepted. i don't understand where a lot of these kids get their beliefs. they are so incredibly confused and its so hard to sort through all of that junk and lies and plant the truth in them. especially when they won't let go of the junk. by the end of the week, i was out of ways to explain Jesus. i ran out of things to convince them and things to say. but i know that they heard it and i know that that is all i can do anyways. all i can do is give them Jesus, i can't accept it for them. if i learned anything this week, or really this summer, its that i can't save these kids. i have to let them leave on friday and know that i did my best to give them the gospel and that God will continue to work in their live and that His timing is perfect.

this weekend was good. it was short since they didn't leave until saturday. but it was still good. me and laura found a new hammocking location and spent a large amount of time there. then we spent some much needed time in the sun. we had a counselor leave last night. he was the first to go. it was sad. and the rest of us will be following suit shortly. but i'm choosing to not think about that yet. today was a really chill day. i enjoyed it a lot.

but now, for the best news that has ever been written. drum roll please. next week... me and laura are counseling together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (i don't even like exclamation points.) man. we are so excited. it will be so good.

by the way. my camera pooped out. no worries, its under warranty, but i have to wait until i get home to send it in. my mother is sending me a small, cheap replacement camera for the last few weeks of the summer, so that's nice of her.

thats all for now. i love the crap out of all of you and i seriously miss you dearly.


  1. Hey Kim, just saw your blog on your mom's FB. Just wanted to mention that the whole concept of letting campers leave at the end of the week not knowing how things would go was always the hardest for me too. In the days of Facebook, I can occasionally check in and see how some of them are doing, but, of course, significant conversations are very difficult via internet. Sounds like you're doing a great job though. Keep it up and keep praying, even after they leave. Love you!

  2. all I have to say is- :)
    I like you a lot
    You are doing a great job with your campers.
    You have grown so much this summer and i love that!
    and I cant wait to see your beautiful face again.
    and give you a big ginormous hug.
    im in desperate need of a kimbo hug.
    you dont even know.
    i love you i love you I LOVE YOU!!!
    <3 Rho


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