bronco camp round 2.

we finished our second round of bronco camp this week. i had a fabulous cabin. they were all really sweet. we had a lot of fun. i co-counseled with a fellow kansan, so that was fun. the theme has switched from adventures on the high seas to holidays. i'm thrilled. we have thanksgiving, birthdays, christmas, easter and valentines day every week. and we have halloween this coming week since it is senior high camp. man oh man. i get so excited for christmas. we redecorate the dining hall every night for the next days holiday, and i got so excited when they put the tree and the lights up. we play christmas music all day long and sing christmas songs in chapel. its incredible. we also eat thanksgiving dinner, have birthday cake (including candles!), easter baskets, heart shaped cookies and those sweetheart candies. i had a surprise for my cabin on christmas this week. laura came in dressed like an elf armed with hot chocolate, christmas books and popcorn kernels. we had popped popcorn over a bonfire before, but hadn't really tried it out on the woodstove. it was interesting. it ended up taking about 1.5 hours to pop. at one point, we had the stove all the way open so the smoke was going into the cabin instead of the chimney thing. the smoke alarm only went off for a minute or so. the girls laughed at us cause we looked like idiots. but it ended up working out fine and they liked it. we had a slip n slide on christmas too. we told them it was sledding. just so you know.. a mouse just ran by. puke puke puke. overall it was a good week.
yesterday, me laura, joe and ethan went to the river to fish. i bought a one day fishing license for $20. the only fish i've ever caught in my life before yesterday was a perch at the lake of the ozarks. not quite the same. yesterday i caught 6 salmon. i only kept 4 though. ethan and joe caught several and donated them to my "i really need to take some fresh salmon home to my mom so she can make me avacado salad" cause and i ended up with 11 nice looking fish. we killed them and filleted them. they taught me how to do both, but i didn't really enjoy either of those activities, so i stuck to fishing. they kill them by smashing rocks on their heads until their spines snap and then they slit their gills. filleting isn't that gross, but i'm just not great at it and i wanted good ones. we vacuumed packed them and they are all ready to go. we caught an extra one and filleted it right by the river and cooked it over the fire. ethan sliced up some oranges and put some seasoned salt and jalapenos on them and they were so delicious. we stayed out there for like 7 hours. it was a good day.
today, we had church on the beach and i've just been hanging out for the most part. everyone is at a campfire on the beach right now and there is some beach volleyball going on, but i'm crafting it up in the craft room/writing a blogpost. its nice to have some time without 93582938 million people around me.
senior high camp starts tomorrow. it goes until saturday morning. this is my 4th week counseling in a row. i'm expected to be physically, mentally and spiritually exhausted by the end of the week. not many people have done 4 in a row this summer. i want to counsel colt camp next week, so i might do 5 in a row. we'll see.
i think that is all for now. i learned today that the lawrence sidewalk sale is this week. obviously i wish i could partake in that. so shop your hearts out for me people!

peace and big fat blessings.

edit: i forgot to mention that sarah rhodenbaugh who is obviously the best person in the world sent me buckeyes in the mail! for all you unohioian people... they are chocolate peanut butter balls. so delicious!

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  1. So I read your WHOLE blog and then forgot everything else when I read your "edit". I feel so special to be mentioned by name in your blog :-)

    but I think my favorite part of this was your description of christmas and decorating for the holidays...and of course laura dressing up as an elf. that fits her perfectly (she kinda looks like an elf)! can tell her I said that! (laura: elves are very cute okay?! so that means you are cute as well!)

    anywho I get to go to a rascal flatts concert AND a josh turner concert this weekend. I know you are sooo jealous! well obviously I'm soooo excited to see you...bahhhh!

    K well thats all for now!
    <3 Rho


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