when in rome...

wellllllllllll hi. i wish i wasn't still awake. but i want to write a blog before all the information falls out of the back of my head.

so. yesterday was sunday. sundays are good days. they include holding hands while we sing the doxology, ice cream annddddddd crabbing! well usually not crabbing. but it was time to pull the pots, so that's what we did. so i was not fully informed about what crabbing included. i got on the boat thinking that we'd just get the little crabbies out of their pots and then take them back to camp and someone would kill them and stuff. uhh, wrong. they kill them on the boat! i was so disturbed. but, i figured that you're only given the opportunity to kill a crab in alaska a few times in your life, so i decided to go for it. the crabs are like walking around the boat and you have to pick them up and flip them over so they don't get you with their little snappers (also called claws). then you hold their legs and you use the edge of the boat to pop their shells off which was really disturbing and upsetting to do and then you bend them until they snap in half. followed by the ceremonial shaking of the guts back into the ocean. it was nasty. but it was cool. we saw a whale. only in alaska.

last night, me and laura decided to sleep in her hammock outside. we hung it up in two trees over looking the ocean. man, it was nice. there aren't really bears on camp and we had straight up 100% deet on, so our biggest threat for the evening was the horses that roam free. i was a little nervous that one was going to eat the rope and we were going to crash to the ground. but we survived. it wasn't dark when we fell asleep at 11 and it was light at 3:30 am when the rain woke us up. we moved to a cabin for the rest of the night, but it was still good. probs going to make it a tradition.

i'm on work staff this week which means i can but probably won't use the internet every night. now i'm going to do some online window shopping and then go to bed.

peace and blessings. aloha. blah blah blah.

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  1. Im a little bit jealous that you got to go crabbing...but thats great! um also I really wish I could sit in a hammock with you...but I guess that will just have to wait until later. the part about the horses chewing the rope made me laugh out loud. to myself in an empty room. I felt really cool. anyway...I love you. duh.
    <3 Rho


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