life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

yo yo yo. laura jones just brought me a hat with a salmon on it from her adventure in sitka, so i'm feeling pretty cool.

this week was senior high camp, which was way different from bronco camp. bronco camp involves way more babysitting and senior high includes a lot of convincing sr. highers that its not uncool to sit on the floor. i was in 5 of 9 skits this week. that took more time away from my campers than i would have liked, but it was still good. we played a game called mission impossible. we start late at night so its sort of dark and then we have to sneak around the camp and do tasks without getting caught. my cabin didn't finish because it took me 20 minutes to figure out how to open the luggage truck which was a requirement to complete the game. it was still fun for them. i hate that game. it makes me anxious. we also had a banquet this week. since its a pirate theme they made us eat with our fingers. we had pie. i chose to skip a step and just use my face. it was successful. another thing we had this week was crud war. we played this weird version of musical chairs and the boys dumped buckets of spaghetti, oatmeal, beans, apple sauce and chocolate syrup of our heads. we did it to them too. it smelled awful and it was sort of raining and it was cold. after we finished musical chairs we lined up civil war style and threw flour in each others faces and then again with shaving cream. we were disgusting. me and a few other girls ran to the ocean to clean off after words. IT WAS SO COLD. i thought i was going to die. our clothes still smell terrible after being washed multiple times. yesterday, i was thrown into the freezing cold ocean by the program director, nick. we were on a boat by the beach and i splashed some water from a bottle in his face. obviously the equal retaliation for that is throwing me into the ocean in all my clothes and rain boots. fun times. today was also an enjoyable day. we decided to float down the cowee creek in canoes. the creek is run off from the glaciers and it feeds into the ocean. me and another girl decided that canoes weren't quite adventurous enough, so we opted for a giant piece of styrofoam and floated on that with paddles instead. it was really fun. we stood on it for a while and surfed. kinda. it was beautiful. we stared at a giant mountain the whole way down. some curious little sea otters hung out with us for awhile.. from afar of course. we saw a salmon jump. it was great. it was sort of hard work to paddle to the shore once we were in the ocean because the tide naturally wants to take us out. but it was fun. tonight we had a swing dancing lesson/party. we wore ugly dresses and it was marvelous. some people are super uncoordinated, so that just makes it more fun for people like me. yippppee.

next week is colt camp. they are 7-9 year olds. i'm not counseling for them anymore because a bunch of jr. counselors are here this week. so i'm on work staff. the next week is jr. high camp and i'm probably counseling for that. not exactly my first choice but i suppose i'll make the best of it. the good news about work staff is that i can use the internet everynight. so happy.

i have to go to bed now because i have two leftover campers that don't leave until tomorrow.

until next time!

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  1. First off I really like your title. so true. Second of all, you make me laugh. Haha mission impossible sounds like fun...I have no Idea why you wouldnt like it (haha sarcsm). Also I laughed out loud when you said you decided to skip a step and eat the pie with your face. This doesnt really surprise me tho, its definitely something you would do...even in baldwin. So its really funny to hear your stories because Courtney tells me what you are going to do that week and then your blog is basically everything she just told me. Its a fun game I started playing. Also, the oatmeal flour shaving cream stuff sounds absolutely disgusting! I would not like that. I mean it would be fun and I would have fun doing it but ew. gross. hahahahaha. OH! um sea otters?! you just hang out with them now huh? you are like the animal whisperer or something. Next time you see your animal friends can you tell them to come visit rho?? k thanks! And I am very jealous of your ugly dress swing dance party. why wasnt I invited?! you know I love swing dancing! hmph. But the fact that nick threw you in the water makes everything a little better. gotta love nick...right?! haha... uh well Im really excited you can use internet this week. I wont be expecting much. maybe an email here or there.

    I think thats all for now!
    I love you a lot!
    I cant wait till I can hear your voice on the phone and you call me rho rho ma. maybe soon? maybe not? but either way I still love you.

    no matter what
    <3 Rho


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