one down...nine to go.

wow. alaskan children are crazy. like actual straight up crazy. the first week of camp has been over for 6 hours. the thing i love about camp is that you can shower on monday and then not shower again until friday and nobody cares. yes. i went 4 days without showering. it was my choice... i just kept putting it off and then before i knew it, it was friday. also, we're watching ferris bueller's day off in the staff loft and i'm finding it very difficult to focus on this post.
let me tell you about the first week of camp. i was assigned to hiking the kids in when they got here. which means i got on a wagon with a couple other counselors and we drove on the sand while the tide was low all the way to the end of the road. the kids ride buses to the end of the road and then we hike with them on the beach back to camp. it's like two miles and some kids want to run the whole way. they love it and they are so excited to get to camp. i really like hiking in. it's a good chance to get to know the kids and gives you a good jumpstart on names. we had like 90 kids this week. i was so tired tuesday morning...and wednesday morning...and thursday morning...and friday morning. we got a hour off every other day and it was marvelous. i napped. i helped lead motions for chapels. that was fun and enjoyable. i worked the top of the zip line a couple days, that was really fun. the mosquitos here are absolutely insanely ridiculous. they're like the size of bugs. today i trapped one in my hands and then pulled its stinger thing out. it was a nice little moment of revenge. we played a lot of really fun games with the campers. its really crazy how much energy they have. its really hard to get them tired. we get tired way faster than they do. by wednesday i was ready for a 12 day nap. but it was still a good week and i had a lot of fun. i'm counseling again next week for senior high camp. it's really different than the camp we just had, so it's going to be a whole new ball game, but i'm excited.

soooo, thats all for this exact moment.

peace and love yo.



  1. Dear Kim,

    Welcome to my life the past two summers! I know there are some differences but the tiredness is the same. way to kill a skeeter. oh size of bugs?
    In case you didn't check facebook I mailed your hat.

    Love Kels

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful exhausting fun-filled week!!! Haha...mosquitoes the size of bugs...arent mosquitoes bugs already?! haha just teasing!

    hope you get you 12 day nap in. good luck.

    as always,
    I love you!
    <3 Rho

  3. SOOOO excited you have a blog. Found yours through Kelseys. Love it!

    Fun that you are in Alaska for the summer. I can't wait to go there, it must be beautiful.

    Excited to hear all about your adventures.

    Impressed you went 4 days with no shower! Ha!


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