let me tell you what happened today.

tonight, we had steak. thats good. always, but me tell you what happened next. we had crab. like real live crab. except it was dead obviously, so that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. anyway. they caught the crab in the ocean that i've been staring at. they pulled the crab pots today. (if you don't know what that means, watch the deadliest catch). so i've never eaten crab. because thats just gross. but this was fresh crab. like hours old. so, they made me eat some. it felt like i was eating a hermit crab. i don't you should have to crack things to get the food part out of them... except nuts i guess... and i didn't like it. i couldn't get past it.

tomorrow is sunday. obviously. we get campers the day after that. its going to be insane. i took a three hour nap today to prepare.

i don't have anything else that is interesting to say.

you people make my heart warm.


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  1. you make me happy! at least you tried the crab! wanna know a secret?? I looove crab. I think it delicious :-) you gotta work for your food...haha...thats okay tho I wont hold it against you. You are going to do great with your campers!

    I love you!
    <3 Rho


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