week 1.

helllo people!

i should really start writing down what we do everyday.. i keep forgetting. lets see. alaska is warm? its been nice practically everyday. they are really beating the heck out of us and i'm insanely exhausted. we don't even have campers yet. sheesh. the last two days have been spent pretending to be campers. we ran through a typical camp schedule and got to do a lot of the activities that campers do. we learned how to do the sky trolley today which is basically a zip line. i rode it five times...upside down. pure joy. i also have a massive bruise on my leg from trying to unhook someone. we were supposed to do CPR training this morning, but a girl completely snapped both of the bones in her leg last night when we were doing an obstacle course, so the nurse had to go into town. she's going to have surgery next week. huge bummer, pray for her. we have been learning some camp songs, practicing puppets, learning how to clean, we went tubing in the ocean(!) yesterday, we're eating delicious food, rode horses, did team building things (for some reason these include a lot of people standing on your shoulders.. i have the bruises to prove it.), we've done lots of other fun things that i can't think of. Oh! i saw a whale breach 11 times today! and apparently they don't have moose in this part of alaska because they don't have the right trees or something, but i did see a moose on a shower curtain. goal complete. we went on a fantasticly beautiful hike the other day. we went to a lake and then this place called "the point". it's exactly what it sounds like, a bunch of gigantic rocks that make a huge point of a mountain into the ocean and its beautiful. we eat in the wilderness, which blows my mind. i made pie... in the wilderness! it was delicious! i have a really cool farmers tan. sorry mom. the people here are ridiculously fantastic. and i'm really glad to be here. we get our first group of campers on monday (EEEEEEKKKKK!!?!?!), but i'm not sure if i'll be counseling or on work staff. 

i have a bed time. so thats all. i miss the real world a little. i hope you people are keeping it real for me. 

peace and blessings.

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  1. Well training sounds like loads of fun! I want to do the zip line and ride horses!!! Thats so cool that you got to see a real whale up close and personal! And huge bummer about the moose thing...I got my hopes up. And the shower curtain doesnt count. I havent given up yet...you still have the rest of the summer...keep looking! for me?? please? haha.

    Well you will do great with your campers! I have no doubt about it! Just love them and have fun! cuz thats what this summer is all about right??

    well the real world is still here. you can come visit anytime. its...real. haha but I have to admit I would rather be with you ;-) Well keep on keepin on! you are doing great!

    I love you. Dont forget. No matter what.
    <3 Rho


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