hollla from the last frontier.

well hi. i'm sitting in a room with a whole bunch of people right now and its sort of difficult to make thoughts come out of my brain. alaska is my favorite state. i like to look at it. and then i like to remind the other people that they should look at it too because its so dang beautiful. i still haven't come to the realization that i'm going to be here for 11 weeks. i still think that i'm going to be back in kansas likkkkke tomorrow. speaking of kansas, there are two other counselors from kansas and a staff member from kansas. the staff member and one of the counselors own a ridiculous amount of k-state stuff. but i'm working on converting them.

we had canoe safety training this morning. it was like 50 degrees out and we were canoeing in the ocean! we had to pull people out of the ocean into our canoes. it was fun. i got water in my rain boot. it was cold. the water is really cold. if you go more than 50 yards out you only have a 50% chance of surviving.

the internet stops working in 3 minutes. so thats all for now. we're hiking out tomorrow to horse camp tomorrow to camp. should be interesting. i hope everyone's life is going fabulous.

peace and blessings, yo.


ps. pictures aren't a go so far. i'll try again soon though.
pss. next time i'll try and write a blog with some sort of thought process behind it.

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  1. I'm really glad you decided to blog. Even if it was about nothing. I like it :-) anyway while you were hiking and having fun...so was I! So its almost like we were together right?? Okay well thats all for now. I kinda miss you! A lot.
    <3 Rho


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