wazzzup from seattle.

I’m on a plane right now. I’m typing this into a word document due to the lack of internet 36,000 feet up in the air. All my i’s are going to be capitalized cause it does it automatically much to my dismay. So, my left shoe is too tight. I squished my finger. And I might throw up. But besides that my traveling experience has been just lovely. (Minus the part that the guy sitting next to me reminds me of the guy from Red Eye?!) I enjoyed a nice $5 parfait from the little old lady at the airport and now I’m just enjoying the lovely flight. I spent $50 on iTunes the other day, so I have plenty of new music to enjoy. But honestly, I’m bored already. Only 3.5 hours to go until I land in Seattle. I’m 78% bummed because I’ve never been to Seattle before and the only part I get to see is the airport. What is that pointy thing in Seattle called? The space needle or something? I’ve always wanted to go up that thing. Maybe next time.

In an effort to keep myself entertained, I’ve decided to write a list of goals for the summer. Ready? Go.

  1. See a moose (this is for you rho!)
  2. See a bear
  3. Attack Laura Jones with marshmallows at least once.
    • Side note #1: in case you were wondering, Laura is a girl that I already know who is also going to Alaska. She went last year and she’s sort of awesome. Only sort of.
    • Side note #2: I’m flying over Manhattan, KS right now. It looks just as awful from the sky.  How do I know its Manhattan? The pilot told me.
  4. Get a tan. (I can dream, can’t I?)
  5. Stay off Facebook.
    • Side note #3: if you are desperate to talk to me, you can email me @ Kimberly.oyler4204@student.indwes.edu orrrrrrrr write me a letter. The address is right over there -> by the picture of my face.
  6. Take a lot of pictures.
    • Side note #4: MOMMM! Don’t forget to send me that memory card!!!!!!! Also, I ordered a book. It will be there by June 7th. Send that too! Thanks. Like you a lot.
  7. See an Eskimo.
    • Side note #5: I’m in Nebraska now. Next I’m going to Wyoming. This pilot is really into geography.
    • Side note #6: is it weird that I’m scared to drink liquid on flights? Not a big fan of airplane bathrooms. (Aunt Cindy, this is your fault.)
    • Side note #7: I have serious goals/aspirations for the summer, but I’m having difficulty putting them into words/I’m trying not to have any expectations.
I can’t think of anything else. Cool. On another note, I was showing my nephew a map today so he would know where I was going and I realized that Alaska is really far away. Like really seriously far away! I thought it just sort of hung out real close to America. Like if you jumped from the corner of Washington to the corner of Alaska, you could completely avoid Canada. Uhhh, wrong. Alaska doesn’t even touch Washington…I think. It’s like seriously far away! I’m sort of nervous. Especially about giving up my phone for so long. How will I talk to the people that I like/love!? That part is going to be difficult. I’m going from thousands of text messages a month to zero. My poor phone, it’s going to feel so neglected. It’s going to be really weird, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. And then when I come back, having a phone will be weird.

I’m pretty sure I’m just typing to keep myself entertained at this point, so I’m going to stop. This was long. Sorry.

Next time I get on this I’ll be in ALASKAAA!!!!!! Yipppeeee!

peace and blessings yo.


Ps. Isn’t 2pm a little early to be drinking whiskey? Geeeeeeze.


  1. #1 the first paragraph of this sounds like the terrible horrible no good very bad day. my left show is too tight and I smashed my finger. Im going to move to Australia (or Alaska).
    #2 Thanks for including me in your goals! I want to see a moose sooo bad! So you need to do it for me.
    #3 While attacking laura with marshmallows could you throw some dead grass in there? That would be great. Thanks.
    #4 Remember one of my goals is to be tanner than you by the end of the summer. Let the burning begin!!!
    #5 I'm sad you wont be getting on facebook. Oh well I'll just overload your inbox in your phone and email. Sound good?? great!
    #6 I'm going to miss you. For real. I'm getting kinda sentimental right now. What am I going to do without you?!?! No worries I'm going to write you lots of letters and emails. Also I will continue to post on your blogs. Seeing as I'm a faithful follower :-)

    Most importantly, I LOVE YOU KIMBERLY OYLER!!! Never forget that! And don't forget me. Gosh, this is going to be hard. But you are going to have a great time. I love you. No matter what.

    <3 Rho (your most avid follower)

  2. You'll most definitely see moose. And lots of them. By the roads, by the trash cans... they'll be there. Don't look them in the eye when they have babies with them. They stomp on you. But on the bright side you'll meet Jesus a lot sooner if you do. :)

    Getting a tan was my goal the last time I went to AK. The sun.... does not shine from overhead. It shines sideways. Sad to say, you'll probably be white as ever. We pale girls are doomed. Bummmmmer. :(

    If you actually see an eskimo, take pictures. For real. Because alaskans like to run around barefoot in their bathing suits when the weather breaks just above zero degrees, so it's probably gotta be realllllly cold (like negative fifty million) before they don their eskimo gear. LOL

    Hope you're having fun! I'm leaving for the land of the midnight sun in a week! :)

    - Suz


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