official countdown: 6 days

less than a week to go. i'm starting to freak out a tad bit. yesterday, it suddenly occurred to me that i am going to alaska. for two and half months. without a phone. or a car. or my friends. and let me tell you, i. freaked. out. and then i remembered that i wanted to do this. and then i was okay. and then i remembered that i have a lot to do. there is something magical about hitting the one week mark that suddenly makes the rest of the time go super quick. and i got nervous. my list of things to do is long and the time is running out. and then i remembered that i am ridiculously good at getting everything done at the last minute and i thrive under pressure. i'm hoping that this was the first and only freak out moment, but i'm almost positive that it will happen again.

this time next week i will be enjoying the hot alaskan sun. ha. actually, i'll probably be starting my first day of staff training. by the way, i love trainings. seriously. i feel so cool and official. trainings, meetings, convocations (shout out to paige), assemblies,  you name it. i love them all. i believe we have 8 days of training, so i'm obviously excited about that.

i don't know what else to say. how do people come up with so much to blog about?! i'm surprised you're still reading.

its nap time now. ahh summer life, you exhaust me.

peace and blessings.


ps. if anyone knows how to pack for 2.5 months in alaska... i could really use your wisdom.

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  1. Sooo I really wanted to come visit you before you left...but then I thought about it. And it would probably just make me miss you more. So I guess its better this way. You being in Kansas (soon to be Alaska) and me being in Ohio. But I miss you so stinkin much!


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