life as an eskimo.. sort of.

hello people that i love!
i leave for alaska in 8 days and i'm beyond excited! i'm not entirely positive how good i will be at blogging this summer, but i will give it my best effort. but first, lets chat about a few things.
  1. i think life is 93842 times more fun if you don't capitalize your i's, so the chances of me doing that here are slim. i also can't promise that i'll always use proper grammer just because i'm an advocate for typing like you talk. just a heads up. sorry mom. 
  2. i'm not going to be living like an eskimo at all! but "life as an eskimo" sounded like a cool name for a blog. there will be no igloos or fur lined coats, i will not be ice fishing, nor will i be dog sledding. the weather will probably be rainy and somewhere between 40 and 60 degrees. sorry to disappoint. 
  3. the internet at camp is evidently sketchy and we only have internet on the weekends (if at all.) so that means that i can only blog once a week and i don't know how easy it will be include pictures. but i do love pictures, so i'll give it the old college try. 
  4. no cell phone service means no texting which means that the only way you people can tell me about your life is through snail mail or carrier pigeon. if you would like to write me, send your letters and carrier pigeons to 
    • Echo Ranch Bible Camp
      Kimberly Oyler
      PO Box 210608
      Auke Bay, AK
well. thats all i can think of to say at this moment. there is lots to be done before may 26th. packing a suitcase sounds like a good idea. 

peace and blessings, yo.


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  1. I have no doubt you will be just fine at blogging. You love talking. You love telling stories. And you're good at it! I love hearing your stories so you better put em on here. No doubt I will be whipping out my stone tablet to send you stuff but this way is much more efficient.

    PS I will be blowing up your cell phone inbox. Just a heads up. LOVE YOU!!!


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