i don't have anything clever to name this. sorry to disappoint.

hello america.
i can't remember what i said in my last post and i'm too lazy to look. but, colt camp is over. work staff is over for the most part. we still have to help with meals and i still have laundry to do tomorrow, but we don't have to clean bathrooms or anything so thats good. work staff is... well a lot of work. i think my hands are going to fall off from all the dishes i did. when i'm the actual dishwasher, my hands get so pruny that i look like a life size raisin. it's fun though. i get to use this giant sprayer thing. not a huge fan of wet food. but, i'm working on getting over that. when i'm the dish putter awayer (thats not a word?) my hands turn red from all the grabbing of hot plates. we're not allowed to towel dry anything so we have to air dry it all. we get impatient, so we just wave the plates around and look like idiots. its fun. there is usually music playing loudly during all of this, so its a pretty good time. laundry is fun too. i have the whole room to myself and its nice to just sit and fold stuff. its not so fun when people bring me sleeping bags that campers peed in. yesterday a kid pooped his pants while he was playing tether ball and didn't tell his counselor for awhile cause the game was so exciting. those clothes were fun to wash. i learned how to drive the tractor yesterday. so fun! i was so excited. not driving for a long time is weird, so i get excited whenever i can. today, me and a few other counselors rode the bus into town with the kids. we had to kill time in town for awhile, so they let us take this super old green pickup truck to the store and then to this waffle place. i made the guy who was with us let me drive. there were three of us squeezed into the front seat. it was nice to be able to see a little of juneau. we'll get to see more on fourth of july weekend. we went to this waffle place and ate delicious waffles. i can't think of anything else exciting. tomorrow we are hiking hog's back which is a mountain right across the cove from camp. i'm a little nervous, but really excited too. i'm sure i'll post about it. i think thats all for now.

i hope everyone is lovely. i miss you people!

peace and all the blessings in the world.

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  1. so I wrote you a comment earlier but apparently it didnt get posted. I dont remember what it said but i love you. and thats all that matters :-)
    <3 Rho


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