love is in the air. metaphorically of course. but maybe actually. (not mine.)

oh hey there. my favorite game to play at camp is "match up the counselors". its an enjoyable way to pass the time while i'm waiting for the internet to work. it makes my life happy.
anyway. on friday we were supposed to hike a mountain. we forgot to do it. just kidding. the clouds were covering the top of the mountain, so when that happens, climbing the mountain is against the rules. so, instead we went on a kayaking trip to a place 3 miles away. we hiked up this little hillish thing to a beautiful waterfall. it was really fun. my boots were full of water which is sort of not the point of wearing boots. our trip back to camp was a little nervousy. we got in our kayaks/canoes and the smart wilderness people made us turn back because the water was apparently really bad. i was getting really nervous and the guy in my canoe was getting nervous and it was just bad. apparently if we would have gone out, all the canoes would have flipped and we would have gotten hypothermia and died. cool. so we waited on the beach for the blondina to come get us. we got all the canoes on but we had to leave the kayaks and people went back for them today. it was a lovely time. we had a lot of fun. when we got back to camp we had another swing dance night. we do so many fun things here that it blows my mind a little bit.
today we watched movies and i crocheted a hat. ahhh camp life.
jr. high camp starts on monday. i a little less than hate jr. high kids. so its going to be a tough week.
by the way. i'm wearing an indian braid wig on my head right now. its cool.

miss you people lots and lots.


  1. Wow! I just read up on your posts! It sounds amazzzingggggg!!!!!! I cant wait to see tons and tons of pictures!! I love you Kimbo and i miss you like crazyyy!!!

  2. Im glad you didnt die. I bet you crocheted (is that a word "crow-shayed") that hat for me. It will look fabulous on! haha...well have fun with your jr highers...oh to be a jr higher again...haha NOT! so yeah...good luck.
    as always
    <3 Rho


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