i am 100% unmotivated to write this blog.

by the time the weeks over, my brain forgets how to work and it makes it really difficult to write things. anyway. jr. high camp wasn't as terrible as i thought it would be. we had really quiet girls (go figure?) and they were all pretty young. we had a good time and i napped a lot. they opened up on the last night, so that was good. we ended up getting so wrapped up in our good conversation that we missed the entire campfire. everyone was leaving when we got there, so i asked if we could stay by ourselves. i golf carted myself back to the kitchen and surprised the girls with stuff to roast smores. they were so excited. this week's speaker and his wife stayed out there with us for almost 2 hours. they are from canada and they told some really funny stories. we had a really good time. we had another crud war this week. not my favorite, but stil fun. the kids love it and thats all that matters, right? me and a few other girls got rubber medical gloves and stretched them over our whole heads. it sort of worked? haha the pictures are hysterical. we ran into the ocean again. it was freezing again. we sprinted back to the showers and the warm water felt like it was burning cause the ocean water is so cold. one thing i do like about getting in the ocean is that your lips get all salty and then you can lick them and its just like eating chips. i can't really remember what else camp included which is funny because after i do stuff i always mention that i can't wait to blog about it. oh! i do remember one thing, we played this game called storm the castle. the kids basically have to get through all these people throwing things at them and then the go through the castle and get treasure and bring it back to the counselor. so my cabin lost. badly. by like 30 treasures. it was really hot that day and the kids completely shut down when its hot out. so they kept sitting down. anyway. i was punished for our loss with a lovely bucket of freezing cold water on my head. my co-counselor was also awarded this punishment, but she is a giant cheater head and she dodged it at the last minute. so i held her under and they did it again, but i got the majority of it. we also played mission impossible and my cabin didn't lose this time! we finished! such an improvement. i got a package at the beginning of the week, so they made me sing a song by myself during lunch. jerks. i was trying so hard to not let my voice crack. haha. i rode the bus into town with the kids again yesterday. it was lovely to get out of camp for three hours. today i slept until ten. ran a mile? that was interesting since i haven't ran in months. then me and the lovely laura jones had the best day ever. we went to the craft room armed with crackers, peanut butter, chocolate chips, honey and carmels so that we could have a fatty fest while we crafted. we did a lot of great work. we melted a ton of wax for no reason and then decided to make candles. sort of fail. still fun. then we used the wax burner and put a baby food jar on it and put all that delicious stuff i mentioned earlier in it and melted it, spread it on the crackers and ate it up. it was so tasty. we made a large sign/poster thing with some song lyrics on it. splatter painted some stuff. went through all the stickers. wore trash bags and classy sunglasses and listened to music. we laughed our heads off and it was a really good day. sometimes i look at her i all i can think is "where did you come from and why did you take so long to get here?!?!" we have loads of fun and everyone stares at us which makes in more fun cause we know they are just jealous! tomorrow we are going into town to watch fireworks at midnight, shop and be in the parade on monday. i'm excited.
off to bed!
peace and big fat blessings!


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  1. well for being completely unmotivated to write this post you did an excellent job. my favorite part was when you and laura had a craft and crap food party! kinda jealous I wasnt invited but whatever. Ill live. I guess. Nobody never invites me to the fun stuff. bummer. well Im so glad you had more fun with the jr highers than you thought. um i also liked the part where you got water dumped on your head. sounds fun. and the crud war, not so fun but funNY to watch. Cant wait to see pictures. and hear your voice. and so on and so forth.
    no matter what
    <3 Rho


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