i am pretty sure most people know by now, but i thought i might as well put it on the blog too. so, if you didn't already know, i'm moving to california!

i'll be in the palo alto area for 6 months to nanny for the cutest family from my church. i'm still not exactly sure how this happened, but i'm really excited. i'm going to be close extended family, the beach, and in-n-out burger. i never ever thought i'd live in california, even for a minute, but i'm excited to experience it for 6 months.

i'm also pretty excited because several friends will be moving out to california at the end of the summer. most of them are going to be 4-5 hours away, one will even be all the way south in san diego, but 5 hours is at least a lot closer than kansas or indiana. 

since i'm not really sure what my time in california is going to look like, right now i'm most excited for my drive out there. instead of driving an efficient route through colorado and utah and nevada to get to california, i've decided to go the long and out of the way way to see old and new friends. i sort of feel like i'm going on tour. i also feel like i never want to go on an actual tour because packing this many stops and people into one trip is going to be a lot. but it will be worth it to see jess, kimber, anna, wynne, my sister and her family, dick and donna, and kara

i leave in 25 days and considering i still haven't unpacked from school or alaska, i have a loooooot to do. i'm also squeezing in a week long visit to the lake house with my main squeeze amanada.

here's to the next 3 weeks!


  1. Oh you're right, commenting on blogs IS fun! Also,I love the map and can't wait to maybe see you in Seattle.
    P.s. how does Florida in December sound...

  2. that map is maybe the sweetest thing you've ever made. but it sucks that IL isn't on there. so that is the only change I would make. haha

  3. Cute map, Kimberly! Love reading about your adventures! My husband drove from NY to Redding, California and back. He never took a straight route either! Have so much fun!


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