alaska or bust.

three summers ago, i traded in hot and sunny skies for mild and rainy weather and ventured off to the last frontier to spend a few months counseling at a bible camp. (you can read about my first summer here and my second almost summer here.) that summer is the reason this blog was born. it's the reason my url is lifeasaneskimo.

do you ever just get an idea in your head? one that you're not sure how it got there, and you're not sure its leaving anytime soon either? well last summer i got one of those ideas. i decided i'd be spending the may after my graduation in alaska. it took awhile to figure out how long to stay and when to go and what i'd be okay with missing at home, but i finally made up my mind and bought my tickets three weeks ago. and yesterday, i boarded that flight. boy is it good to be back.

i'll be here for exactly 3 weeks. 3 glorious, probably will go too fast, weeks. i'm spending a few days in juneau with my friend bethany, and then i'll go out to camp for the rest of the time. i cannot wait to see the mountains and the ocean and the whales again. and the people, of course. i'm looking forward to spending mornings in the dining hall watching the waves and the whales while the sun comes up. i'm looking forward to being outside and wearing my xtra tuffs and rain coat. i'm looking forward to simple days and drawn out sunsets.

alaska, and camp specifically, is one of my favorite places on the planet. its the perfect place to go as a graduation present to myself.

i'm not sure how much i'll be able to be on the internet at camp, i'm not sure if the internet setup as changed since i've been there, but i'll be sharing looooots of pictures, i'm sure, when i get home.


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  1. That sounds like such a fun adventure! I can't wait to see all the pictures. Take an extra deep breath of clean mountain air for me : )


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