i'm not on the bandwagon this year.

the beginning of a new year to me is so very strange. it has a certain feeling of hope to it, hope for a fresh start and new routine, but also a certain sense of pressure, pressure to pick a word and commit to resolutions and form good habits. i've read around one thousand posts about words that people have chosen for the year or resolutions that they've made and i've been struggling to come up with anything for myself. don't hear what i'm not saying, i'm not making a judgment about words or resolutions, i'm just trying to explain how my vision for the year doesn't include a word or a resolution.

in reality, i could come up with several words that i could bend and twist and mold into what i think the Lord wants to do this year. i could pick faithful or trust or rest or risk or joy, or content, or i could say i'm gonna read my Bible all the way through 14 times or plan to go to the gym everyday (el oh el. like that would ever happen.). but the problem that i'm facing, which is a good problem to have i guess, is that i don't think i can fit what the Lord is going to do into one little word. because from the little bits of vision that He's given me already, it seems like His plans for 2014 are a million times bigger than what i can express in a word.

what a glorious thought.

what a beautiful thing to ponder on the reality that God wants to do more in our lives than what can be expressed by one or two or ten words.

i really did try to pick a word. i asked for one. even just now as i sat down to write this i said, Lord give me a word for the year. and you know what He said? He said, if you have to have a word, pick Jesus. 

He's so sassy sometimes.

so i'm not going to pick Jesus as my word, because i think its cheesy and i really don't like cheese, but i guess thats going to be my vision for the year. Jesus is going to be my vision for the year. because all those words, all those resolutions that i would come up with are meaningless unless they center around Jesus. faithful is about Jesus. trust is about Jesus. rest and risk and joy and content are about Jesus. even going to the gym is about Jesus because He wants you to take care of your bod, yo. its all about Jesus always only.

i feel like maybe those last few sentences maybe some people would disagree with, but its my blog and i don't care, so i'm leaving it.

so my vision is Jesus. i'm wordless. i'm resolutionless. but i've got my eyes set on Jesus. thats all i need.



  1. Well now look who's making who cry!
    Way to go Slice!!!

  2. "i feel like maybe those last few sentences maybe some people would disagree with, but its my blog and i don't care, so i'm leaving it."

    "[Jesus is} so sassy sometimes."

    Now I know where you get it.


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