2013: the year in which i was 35.7% successful.

you should know that i had to ask my high school sister how to do the math for that title. after trying several complicated problems to figure out what percentage of seven 2.5 is, she told me to just divide 2.5 by 7. duuuuuuuuuh kim. i really am smart, just in the untraditional way.

i'm sorry that i just spent a whole paragraph talking about math. but i felt this was the best way to pretend that i measure my success by how many new year resolutions i accomplish. really i couldn't care less about resolutions, but i figured i should probably write a follow up post since i blogged about them in january.

as you can tell by my lack of math, or lack there of, i was successful in 2.5 of 7 of my resolutions. considering i never.ever. do these, i feel good about this result. i guess. 

ONE: quit eating mcdonalds.
i didn't eat mcdonalds for the whole year, which yes, was as a painful as it sounds. i had it once in israel (it wasn't the same) and i had a shamrock shake or two, which i knew would happen.
----------> SUCCESS

TWO: complete a thirty for thirty
yeaaaaah, never did this. maybe this year. i'm making some changes in the wardrobe/clothes shopping areas, which i'll talk more about in another post, so i'm hoping to still do this at some point. 
----------> FAIL

THREE: read the bible in a year. 
didn't happen. "we don't read the bible to finish, we read the bible to change." thats what i remind myself. but i was talking to a mom today who said she had read through two different versions of kid versions with her daughter who is only like in 3rd grade, so that motivated me a bit to get my butt in gear. i think i'm going to try and tackle this in 2014 by reading the storybook bible by sally llyod-jones. yes i know its for children. gotta start somewhere.
----------> FAIL (but Jesus still loves me, so there.)

FOUR: drink some more water. like probs at least 2 nalgenes a day.
i tried really hard to drink a lot of water. i probably for sure drank more water this year than last year. but i certainly didn't drink 2 nalgenes a day because i'm not a horse, so i call this a partial success.
----------> A FOR EFFORT

FIVE: get back into some sort of regular physical activity.
i've been laying in bed for over a week watching netflix, so you tell me what you think the answer to this one is. i did take up rock climbing for a few weeks, but i wouldn't call that "regular"
----------> FAIL

SIX: save more than i spend.
i think i got even better at spending money this year than ever before. who knew that was possible! i have a big plan/experiment/scary thing planned for next semester to address this issue. i'll be talking about that in another post.
----------> FAIL

SEVEN: go to church.
i finally found a church i like in the mornings! after 2.5 years, i landed at exit 59 in the mornings and kingdom life church at night. i love both of them. i didn't do super well at going to exit 59 towards the end of the year, but i went all of spring semester, all of summer and a lot of fall semester. way to go self. 
----------> SUCCESS

overall, it was a really good year. i guess at some point i could review the actual year, or you could just read through my archives. :) 

there is still a lot of good things planned for the remainder of 2013, but 2014? she's gonna pack quite the punch. more on that soon!



  1. I'm going to start calling you HORSE instead of fish! :)
    Love your blog and can't wait to hear about your big plans regarding shopping in 2014.
    Miss your face!

  2. Ha! You're so funny. You gave it a good try! Resolutions are made to be broken : )

    Love your "glass half full" attitude of 35.7% successful and not 64.3% fail (PS-feeling kind of like a genius because I just did that math in my head, ha!)

    1. way to go, math genius! p.s. your christmas card was adorable!

  3. Check out The Lion Read and Know Bible....my favorite kids bible of all time.



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