home sweet home.

well i'm back from israel. i took 2000 pictures. it is overwhelming to think about going through all of those and posting them, probably on facebook. 

israel was beautiful. i understand why Jesus picked to go there. beautiful weather, beautiful views, and kitties everywhere. a trio of perfection. 

i haven't quite processed all the information that i took in while i was there, so i don't have much to say  about the trip yet, other than the plane ride back was 9359235 times better than the one there. i took 2 dramamine and a melatonin, so i slept the entire 13 hours. unfortunately my luggage got lost on the way back, but it found its way back to me yesterday. i also lost my precious stuffed animal, moo moo. i am pretty sure i left him in the hotel room, but i've called several times and they don't have him. i'm pretty sad considering i've had him for 13 years. i have to stop talking about it because i am on the brink of crying. no lie. if you wanted to pray that he is found, i would be eternally grateful. 

anyway, i'm back at school and back in my normal routine again. i am going to brain dump everything from israel one of these days, i can't wait to tell you all about it. 


ps: if you get these posts in email and you aren't clicking the "allow pictures" button or something similar to that, you are missing out on lots of pictures! :)

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