day three | israel 13

we want to go explore the city that we are staying in tonight, i believe it is called arad, so no stories or explanations tonight. just a bunch of pictures! i mean it's pretty difficult for me to not explain all of these, but i have places to explore. yolo. sorry mommy.

peace in the middle east.

EDIT: annnnnnnnnnnnnnd we're back from exploring. there was really actually nothing to explore. yay for captions!

today we visited this hill thing that overlooked something about the ark. i don't actually remember and i don't have my guide book on me. buuuut, i took this picture to remember the verse that went along with it.

alex and i at the same hill thing. 

the girls.

all the iwu people.

these are from a little stream where david came and picked out the 5 smooth stones he would use to kill goliath.

alex and morgan on top of a mountain that overlooks the valley of elah. david killed goliath in that valley.

kaela, the girl on the left is my roommate for the trip. her family is here too.

audrey, on the left, is another precious new friend.

jess, can you read this?

coming down the mountain thing.

israeli coke!

we were at another place that i don't recall the name of when all of the sudden, all these sheep started coming our way out of nowhere. wilbur said he had never seen anything like it.

every where we go, he brings his bible and reads to us about the place where we are visiting.

next up was an old city. we had to wear hardhats. attractive.

the judge girls in front of the place where the judges sat.

this is out of order, but this was at a temple that rehoboam built. it was unauthorized because the only temple was supposed to be in jerusalem. we are standing in the holy of holies.

we climbed down this. it led to an ancient water system.

wilbur leading the way.

in the under ground water system.

oh this man. he was precious. this was at a sculpter's house. he sculpted 5 sculptures on IWU's campus. wilbur and him are good friends. unfortunately, he wasn't there, but his wife was and this sweet man who let us into the museum attached to their home. they explained all the pieces to us. he had a british accent and was so nice. 

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