i fell off the blogging train and i took some pictures.

sooooooooooooooooo. sometimes i just don't wanna blog. and then a few months down the road i'm like whacking myself in the head for not writing memories down and when i can't remember them. so i'm making myself blog. i mean its been over a week so surely i have something to talk about....

awkward silence.

okay, i do. i finally took some pictures of my dorm room which i have now lived in for approximately 177 days. better late than never i never say.

i got a room to myself this year. PTL. i've, obviously, had roommates the last two years of school which is fine and awesome, but it is also awesome to do whatever i want. i failed at taking pictures the last two years, so i made it a goal to take pictures this year. i mean, yeah, it would have been nice to get it done 177 days ago, but that's fine.

welcome to my humble abode.

i spend 2/3 of the year at school, so it is like obnoxiously important to me that my room feel less like a dorm room and more like a house. i'd say that i have been pretty successful in that. i covered my couch with a king size flat sheet and a twin sized fitted sheet. it was a good idea in theory, but i wish i would have just bought a real slipcover for a few more bucks. my only complaint about my room is that there isn't good lighting in the front part.

i made these pillows this summer. i made a matching quilt which is now on my bed.

more goodwill frames. a gagillion naptime diaries prints. wooden birds from a winery in california. my desk that i never sit at. all wonderful things.

let's all laugh at the fact that i have a place for business cards in my room. that's what happens when you go to a blogging conference. both of those mini prints are from pen and paint. love them.

everyone always asks me where i got this chair. here's a secret, it's my second desk chair covered with an ikea blanket. sneaky sneaky.

i like to keep memorable things in my room. most people will just see them as decorations, but i know they have deeper meaning. the clay pot is something i made with the bff in the ceramics lab at school, my mom decorated the basket to hold the cards at my high school graduation, the picture in the back is a gift from my precious friend, alexis, and the frozen hot chocolate is just delicious. :)

my very bestest friend in the world did that painting for me. it hangs next to my desk and above my fridge. and the bulletin board is a nice place to hold these pictures.

one of my favorite things about the dorms residence halls at IWU is that each room has their own sink and then a shared bathroom with 2 other people. i love it. community bathrooms are sick.

chicken wire earring holder. flower pillow that i made in my room last year. i happened to have all the supplies to make a pillow on a whim. and i did it without a sewing machine. booyah. 

this is my dresser. more important pictures and things. and that is a electric candle, so you can put your student handbook down, and close out that email to andrew parker. they are allowed. thankyouverymuch.

these are the flowers my sister gave me when she asked me to be her maid of honor.

and now the back of the room.

this is the very most boring part of my room and i don't like it. i had all sorts of dreams for it, but none of them have happened. i do like the alaska map though. courtesy of my favorite alaskan, bethany. the quilt is something i made this summer with aunt cindy. i quilted it myself.

it's probably one of my favorite things that i have ever made. it's so pretty.

i have a large collection of mugs on my windowsill. this is less than half. almost all of them have some sort of special meaning. my favorite is the "40 isn't old if you're a tree" one. on the right is my closet and craft desk. it still isn't full of craft supply. my craft stuff is currently in that dumb clear tub.

these are my shoes. haha.

my craft desk. it's a new addition to the room. on the right is a print i made for my girls. love it. it is also the hall verse for this year.

so yeah. congratulations if you made it all the way to the end of this post. really it was only for my mom and aunt cindy.

and now it's time for dinner.



  1. holy I hate you. i freaking love your room. like holy guacamole, sister! share some of the creativity with me!! also - where did you get your little globey-big string lights??

  2. So, so beautiful! Thank you for posting this, Kimberly. You are so talented and creative! And so very tidy. I can't wait to come see you in April! I love you so very much.

  3. I think I just stumbled across an Anthropologie catalogue.

  4. Your room is super cute! How lucky that you have your own room!


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