i'm obsessed with the weather today. it is the perfect combination of cloudy + sunny + windy with a touch of morning rain settling into the grass. it feels a little bit like alaska summer and a lot like a midwest spring day. i'm missing alaska something fierce these days, so any alaska weather is welcomed. and i love the smell of outside in the spring the way the wind makes the blinds buzz in my window. the noise used to drive me nuts when i was younger, but i like it now. it means it's warm enough to have the window open. it doesn't even feel like january outside. perfect.

i finished my first week of spring semester today. i also had a tense moment of "oh my word i'm graduating next year" when i was wrote "2013-2014" on a document this morning. it seems a tad early to be freaking out about that, but i assure you it was only for a few seconds.

this book is promising to wreck my life this semester. i guess really it will be more of world lit wrecking my life than this book alone. i wasn't gonna actually read it, but four gagillion people told me it was really good, so i am. peer pressure. i don't really understand the picture on this copy of the iliad. not exactly the right time period. 

we had a reed hall skate night last night. my unit's theme was business casual. i mean duh. my thighs hurt real bad today. another indicator that i need to get off my butt more often. i personally was loving the smart wool and ballet flats look. how about you?

print from jones design company.

my most favorite thing in the world will be this craft desk once i get it finished. hopefully more on that soon. i just need to decide which craft supplies it will have the honor of holding and what other decorations it needs. 

tonight is rebash. the whole school dresses up and pretends like its new years eve. we count down to midnight and everything. i don't love it, but i might go this year. 

happy weekend friends.

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  1. I adore the first photo from the window. MAHHHVELEOUS, DAHLING.


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