spring break.

Charleston, South Carolina

for spring break this year i went to charleston, south carolina to visit rho. she graduated from IWU last year, and it makes me sad that i have to get on a plane to visit her instead of just walking down the hall. she lives with her sister, jennifer, in mount pleasant which is basically charleston except not. 

here we are on the pier in downtown charleston. they have gigantic porch swings which i enjoyed very much. after this we went to mama kim's. my favorite place to eat in charleston. i've only actually eaten out at three places there, but this is my favorite of the three. i've been there twice, and it was delicious both times. mama kim's is a hibachi grill style place but it is express, so they don't cook the food in front of you and it is way faster. i like it. probably i will go back every time i am in charleston. 

i flew to charleston on friday. i drove to the airport unaware that there was a tornado warning in my area. so adventurous. on monday, britta and jamie drove down. they both go to IWU too, but they were visiting other people on their way, so we didn't travel together. we went kayaking on wednesday, and we saw a dolphin! it was cool. i like kayaking. but i have no muscles in my arms, so that makes it a little bit not enjoyable. i hope i will be able to kayak some more in alaska this summer. maybe i'll have muscles then. and no mom, i didn't take my camera in a kayak with me. jamie has a point and shoot. 
we took that. 

jamie and britta left on thursday afternoon. i don't exactly remember what else we did all week. actually that's a lie. i wrote it all down. but i will spare you the details. something that stinks about living in a dorm is the lack of a kitchen. actually, we have a kitchen, but i live on the third floor and it is not very much fun to drag everything down to the lobby. so i was excited that i would be able to have a kitchen at my fingertips all week at rho's. we i made lots of food. it was great. i am not very good at delegating tasks to people when i am cooking. so i kicked everyone else out of the kitchen, and i just did everything myself. it occurred to me later that it might have been more fun if we would have cooked together. oh well. maybe next time. 

something that i did not particularly like about cooking was buying food. not because i don't like grocery shopping, i love grocery shopping, but i do not like paying for it. holy. cow. food costs so much money. so. much. money. i added up how much i spent this week and almost died. when i am a real adult i will have to be much better about buying and planning food. every thing adds up super fast. one day i was putting my milk back in the refrigerator and noticed that it was almost empty. 
a few thoughts crossed my mind:

how did i run out so fast?
oh yeah, i drink an entire glass of milk at every meal. sometimes more. 
i'll just get some more.
i don't want to pay for it. 
what if i have to not drink as much milk when i'm a real adult so that i don't have to pay for it?!?
that would be awful. 

seriously. everything cost so much money. i hate that. booooooo. oh well. here is some of the food we ate. basically everything came off of pinterest. that's right. i finally made stuff from pinterest. i'm not just a pinner, i'm a doer. what an accomplishment. i would also like to thank my mother for answering my gagillion phone calls when i had ridiculous cooking related questions. thanks mama. 

taco night with homemade guac and salsa (lovingly referred to as "plant salsa"), lasagna roll ups, sourdough french toast, chicken parmesan, and chicken cordon bleu. yay food that's not from baldwin.

note about the salsa: don't use a magic bullet to mix everything. you will end up with spicy pink baby food. gross. 

on saturday, courtney joined us. she didn't know i was in charleston. she thought i was in kansas. sneaky sneaky. she was very surprised to find me laying in the back seat of the car at the airport. happy smiles all around. we went to the beach with jennifer to watch the sunset because rho had to work. it was cold. and windy. and there weren't that many clouds, so the sunset was sort of sub par. total bummer. oh well. we had hot chocolate and waited for rho to come home. she jumped on us as she ran through the door. she obviously wasn't excited at all. the three of us haven't been all together since august, but that doesn't even really count cause we were only together for a few hours. so really we haven't been all together since may. dumb. i have no idea when we will be all together again. dumb.

jennifer took these pictures of us before church. i think the bottom one of depicts us more accurately.

 rho went to work on sunday too. there was much sadness. i left that night to go back to school. the weather is just as good at school as it is in charleston, so that makes it easier to go back to school. 
but only a little.

this is incredibly long. lucky you.


  1. 1. I am relieved to know that you have good judgement and didn't take your camera out on the kayak. Someone raised you right.
    2. I am impressed with all the cooking you did and the beautiful meals you made! What are you going to cook for us when you are home???
    Love, Mom

  2. I loved this whole post. such great pictures! I laughed out loud about the spicy pink baby food :)

  3. I love you, Kimberly! I feel like you didn't take a breath the whole time you were writing, which means I didn't breathe the whole time I was reading! Our writing style is so similar!


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