guess what.


and this...

and hopefully this... 

are happening again. this. summer. that's right. the rumors are true. 
i'm going back to alaska for another round of camp.

i am out of my mind excited. there are several counselors from last summer returning, and i am so excited to spend the summer with them again. two of them go to school with me, so i haven't had to miss them too much, but it will be great to be in alaska again where we can wear our xtra tufs without being looked at strangely. it. will. be. great. 

unfortunately, not everyone will be returning to camp, so it is guaranteed to be different than last summer. but hey, that could be a good thing. i am especially going to miss my tweedle twin, laura. 

i just finished writing, printing, folding, stuffing, sealing, and stamping my support letters. you may have noticed that i didn't mention addressing my envelopes. well, that is because i figured out how to print addresses onto envelopes with my printer! i didn't have to address a single one. it was so easy. and now i feel like a grown up. because grown ups do that sort of thing. after i was done printing the envelopes i remembered that i like addressing envelopes. oh well. i guess that is what a summer in alaska with snail mail is for. by the way, if you would like a support letter from me, just let me know. i would love to print a envelope for you. :)

spring break starts the day after tomorrow. i am so pumped. breaks are so good. i had a little preview of a break this past weekend when i went to visit my lovely friends kaitlin and courtney. they were my adoptive roommates before they graduated from iwu last year. they had a fantastic couch which i miss very much. kaitlin got married at the end of last summer, and she lives about an hour from chicago. so, we decided to have a roommate reunion at her house. we went into the city, and it was freezing. kaitlin wanted to take us to some hole-in-the-wall pizza place but that didn't exactly work out, so we ended up going to good old giordano's. which is always fine with me. did you know you can order giordano's pizza online for the low price of $47? ha. right. it probably wouldn't even taste the same, but it is oh. so. tempting. 
here is a lovely photo from last weekend:
aren't we precious? 
now, i must do homework. it is very tempting to start spring break early and do nothing all week, but then i would fail my classes and not be able to graduate on time. which would be terrible. obviously.

i hope you enjoyed all the pictures. i should probably do that more often. 


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  1. You are so awesome! I'm excited you will be having another Alaskan adventure.




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