happy day before christmas!

i haven't blogged in forever, and for that i am sorry. christmas break never involves me laying around doing nothing, so i haven't exactly had time. i love getting to see all my friends from high school when i come home. i have had several lunch dates, and it is so fun to see people and laugh like morons. it is weird that i only get to see some of these people a couple times a year, but when we get back together we just jump right back into our friendship. i like that. i also got to babysit the cutest baby in the world the other day. there are not a lot of babies at school, so it is nice to hang out with one all day.

one thing that i don't particularly love about christmas is how stressful the days leading up to christmas are. i am not a fan of that at all. so much to do, so little time to do it.

i am only home for 5 more days and then it is off to ohio to see my precious friends, and go to the echo ranch reunion! so. flipping. excited.

feliz navidad!

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