my little sister, laura, likes to point all the things i do not do with absolute perfection. just kidding. however, she finds it important for me to inform cyber space that i failed to mention a few things about new york.
1. i saw wicked on broadway. it was incredible. there was a family that talked the entire time behind us. i refrained from punching them in the face.
2. i may have mixed up a few days activities. so. sue. me. :)
3. i met burt from project runway at none other than mood fabrics. he was nice. we got a picture. i didn't even know he existed until the moment i was taking a picture with him. i didn't watch his season. oh well. it was cool. he was buying fabric to make a dress for someone from modern family. i think. i could be wrong...laura??

peace and love, fools.

ps. this entire post is dripping with sarcasm. i apologize if it offends you. it is late. it happens. luuuuuhhh you allll.

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