exhaustion at its best.

let me tell you what has happened since the last time we spoke. monday we went on our statue of liberty cruise. it was windy, but it was really fun. laura and i bought lady liberty crowns. keeping it classy of course. then we shopped 'til we dropped. we got to go inside tiffany & co. it was a dream come true. that night we went to sister act on broadway. it was so good! the sets moved around, and it was sort of mind blowing.

tuesday, we had the whole day off. so, obviously we shopped. we also went to the radio city rockette's show. it was good.. at least the parts i stayed awake for. i was so tired. we went to dinner after that, and then we were supposed to go see the top of the empire state building, but it was cloudy and there was no visibility so we went to macy's instead. i did not like that store. it is 9 floors, and it takes up an entire block.

we had a full dress rehearsal in the grand ballroom wednesday morning. then more shopping in the afternoon. amanda and i split from the group and went by ourselves. we took a taxi, which we caught ourselves, to sprinkles cupcakes, the most delicious cupcake store in the world. then we went to bloomingdales, only so we could get one of their "little brown bag" bags. after bloomingdales we wandered into forever21, my weakness. i'm cannot resist that store.

wednesday night we were invited to be the live audience for the taping of the rockefeller center christmas tree lighting featuring none other than justin bieber, usher, busta rhymes, and tony bennett. i have never experienced more pushing and shoving and name calling in my life. high school girls are brats. anyway, we were really close and it was great. it was freezing, but still great.

thursday morning i got up at 4am and was ready to go by 6am. we did a few run throughs and then it was off to our holding place via subway. picture this: 700 girls on a subway dressed in neon pink, green, and orange tutus. it was really cold thursday morning, so all 700 of us got in a giant huddle and tried to stay warm until it was our time to go. we were right behind the ice cream balloon and a group of clowns. i am afraid of clowns. not a fan. it was a 2.5 mile march to herald's square where we performed. after the routine i couldn't even remember that we had done the routine. i couldn't remember if i smiled or did all of the routine. laura and lynne were both on tv. which is cool. they were excited.

after the parade we napped and then went to a restaurant for dinner. i have to admit that it was sort of weird to not be home for thanksgiving. but, it was okay. we went for a walk around the city after dinner, and then headed back to the ballroom to watch our performance on the big screen. bed time could not come soon enough.

friday morning we went to the world trade center. the only thing that was open were the reflection ponds, which was cool, but i really would have liked to see the museum that isn't open until next year. i dig memorial museums. friday afternoon we walked through central park. i am a fan for sure. it was beautiful. if i lived in NYC you would have to pay me to leave when the park closes.

saturday we flew out, and i was tired. i was lucky enough to have a whole apartment to myself on saturday night. it was glorious.

now real life has started again. i only have 9 actual days of class yet and then 2 days of finals. i am happy about that.

happy monday after thanksgiving.

ps. i'll buy you mcconn if you actually read this whole thing.


  1. So, I'll read further down, but were you performing? With whom?
    PS I like Hot Chocolate... :)

  2. Clearly the McConn thing was a bad idea.

  3. I looked for you guys on TV! Couldn't tell who was who. I still have it on the DVR. Maybe I should watch in slo-mo.


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