new beginnings.

hello people.
i'm writing to you from my very own dorm room. i have been at school since monday and have been insanely busy. classes haven't even started yet and i am already running around like a chicken with my head cut off. my room is almost done, but it needs a bit more decorating. i have pillows to stuff, mirrors to hang. etc.
i have had training all week long. i am a mentor for two freshman and i am also a desk worker. i had to be trained for both of these things, so it has taken up a lot of time.
i am living in a different hall this year, so that has taken some getting used to. i am surrounded by different friends, i have less cabinet space, i have a new futon, i have a new roommate, i have a new RA and a new ARD, and a new RD. it is all very weird. this hall is huge and its going to take a long time to get used to it.
i get to meet the freshman that i will be mentoring tomorrow. i am sort of nervous because i don't exactly know what to expect. but i'm sure it will be great.
it is good seeing people that i didn't see all summer. but also sort of weird. i have two friends from alaska who go here, 1 is a freshman and the other is a sophomore. it is incredibly weird seeing them in IWU context since i only know them in alaska context. but its still good. the freshman, Lauren, is living on the other side of my complex. her mom is incredibly sweet and baked me a plate of cookies! i was pretty excited about that.

i have to be up early to help freshman boys move in for 4 hours. then i have to work registration. then i get a break. then i work the desk from midnight to 2:30. it will be a very long day.


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