late shift.

hello friends.
although it will probably not become a habit, i am indeed writing a blog two nights in a row. i think. i am working the late shift (midnight - 2:30am) at the desk in North Hall. the precious little freshman had their first all hall meeting tonight, so they all checked in right after that. so i basically have nothing to do. i'm going on my second cup of hot chocolate, my contacts feel like glass, paige brought me a cheeseburger, and i've got pandora going. 1.75 hours to go.
this morning i helped move in the south hall boys and then came back over to north hall to escort girls to their rooms after they checked in. the contrast between the two halls was ridiculous. it was so chill over at south and i felt like i could cut the tension between emotional girls and tired moms with a knife. also, girls have way more stuff... with one exception. one of our first boy move ins came with a trailer. like a whole stinking trailer. and it was full! i have no idea how he is going to fit it all in his room, let alone fit his roommates stuff in there.
after move in i had a long break. i used to wisely by taking a three hour nap. then i attended the eastside all hall meeting. it was hysterical. eastside staff has been practicing for weeks.
just to clarify, i live in north hall. its a complex. there is an eastside, which is full of freshman, and there is a westside, which is full of not freshman. i live on the westside. its great. also, i just want to point out that i am no longer on curfew. this is a reason to celebrate. everyone say hoorah.

i'm going to find something entertaining to do now. this was fascinating for you, i'm sure.


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