august in pictures.

i'm working on a blog about my trip back to indiana, which really means i'm thinking about maybe trying to possibly write a blog about my trip back to indiana, but in the mean time i figured i should at least blog something.

i'm sure i could blog about each of these things individually, but who has time for that.

so without further ado, august.

(top to bottom, left to right)
1. driving the boys all the places, all the time.
2. snuggles at the doctor's office.
3. 4. 5. 6. a visit to muir woods
7. finally got a pair of white hightop converse.
8. told the boys to go get in the car. little punks.
9. jake fell asleep in the car. a modern day miracle.

1. happy hour with tate. hot chocolate for me and juice for him.
2. the best way to spend an afternoon.
3. road trip to oregon
4. driving through redding, ca.
5. driving through weed, ca. 
6. made it 7 hours on the trip without starbucks.
7. woke up with a toddler in my bed. didn't hate it.
8. looking out over the garden in oregon.
9. fresh berries.

1. oregon goats.
2. snuggles with tate.
3. oregon country.
4. stepped on a rusty nail and had to go to town for a shot.
5. gathered some fresh eggs with a cute little girl.
6. oh, oregon.
7. oregon sunset.
8. the new shoes.
9. voodoo donut in portland. didn't live up to the hype. but i do love a donut.

1. silver falls state park.
2. night ride.
3. driving off into the sunset.
4. goofing around with tate.
5. jake keeping himself entertained on the drive home.
6. driving through redding again.
7. the kids school books arrived. lots of fun with boxes.
8. the boys got a haircut.
9. i was sad.

1. tate chickened out on the escalator after jake and i got on. happily rode down with a stranger. notice they're holding hands.
2. packing for indiana.
3. birthday packages.
4. first day back with the boys.
5. hot harvest nights farmers market.
6. off to the park with the boys.
7. california sunset.
8. beautiful clouds on a brutiful day
9. happy boy after a nap.

1. 2. 3. spending the day at a new beach. san gregorio.
4. gallery walls forever and ever amen.
5. visited my nana. she put out all the stops.
6. wasn't much help packing her house.
7. nana.
8. aunt suie.
9. so glad to see them both.

1. the kids found a baby squirrel. named him grayson.
2. we took him to a rescue shelter.
3. i'm pretty sure he died.
4. but i was happy to hold him. a dream come true.
5. typical trip to target.
6. we do this a lot.
7. great end to a terrible day.
8. the boy loves selfies.
9. went to the farmers market alone. sat on a bench and enjoyed this treat.

1. no of course i didn't pose them this way. they always swing like that.
2. blurry babe.
3. took them to the park. they watched the lawnmower instead of playing.
4. we take a loooot of selfies.
5. we love them!

this sums up our days pretty well. target. park. starbucks. selfies. beach. snuggle. repeat.
happy saturday.

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