ze beach.

in a perfect world everything would be posted on this here blog chronologically. but how boring would that be. plus it is one thousand times more fun to blog about THE BEACH than it is to blog about anything else. normally i would be posting these pictures with a tinge of sadness because deep down i would know my next visit to the beach wasn't any time soon. i think that was a run on sentence, but who cares because the only thing i know deep down is that we're going to the beach again tomorrow (yesterday by the time you read this). different beach. different day. same story. 

i love the ocean.

without further ado, a zillion pictures from the beach from 3 different trips! and you can meet the children! it's your luckiest day.

jake the puppy/ professional sand licker and ellie the birthday girl. on this beach day at least.

your one and only chance to see cael is happening right now. blue shorts on the left. he's not really into letting me take his picture every 5 minutes. cannot figure out why. cory is also in this picture but since he is an adult he does not get to be introduced since i only said you could meet the children. rules are rules. jodi also snuck in here in that picture riiiight up there.

puppy jake again. and tate. he loves the camera, that boy.

hello, ava! working so very hard on her sand creation.

hello again ellie and hello sand castle complete with a seaweed palm tree.

 i love this boy. he sings we will rock you and let it go all.day.long.

below you will see a magical comparison between a cloudy day at the beach and a sunny day at the beach. the magic that you will not see is the 32943849328 people i edited out of the cloudy picture.

on another day at the beach jake and tate spent a solid 10 minutes running towards the water, sitting down, getting up and running back to us and yelling "ta-da!" i laughed every time. they're reasonably cute, i guess. 

and excellent at getting sand all over their bodies i might add.

we also saw a bunch (like hundreds) of these strange little creatures wash up on shore. i mean they were everywhere. you could see them floating in way out on the water. i did some googling around and determined that they were baby portuguese man of wars which is a type of jellyfish. which is totally normal, i'm sure. we think they were dead. i hope they were dead because the adult ones grow tentacles up to 30 feet long. no, i am not ever getting in the water again.

and now for the black and white series. i'm sure somewhere there is a rule stating that you may not turn beach pictures black and white because hello you're at the beach, but these are just so pretty b+w. i'm not even sorry. 

i only made ellie retake this picture 23 times. its fine. and little worker bees working away on a trench that they promptly destroyed.

i was also generous enough to allow ellie to retake these boogie boarding pictures 47 times. and by that i mean i made her do it. again and again and again and again.

it was worth it, wouldn't you say? framers for sure.

i purchased one (or two) one piece swimsuits so that i can boogie board next time. all i had were "sleeveless" swimsuits (as ellie likes to call them) and believe me, sleeveless swimsuits are no good in the waves. no good at all. 

see you tomorrow, beach. 



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