the fourth of july... two weeks later.

so the fourth of july, that was a while ago. approximately 453958 things happened after the fourth of july, so that's my excuse for being so late with a post. we spent the day at home and then went downtown to see the city firework show.

and at our house, the fourth is just another opportunity to look cute.

the park across from our viewing spot has a festival thing where a bunch of vendors bring food and a band plays. so we went there for dinner.

and then walked downtown for ice cream!

while we were waiting for the fireworks, laura and i noticed that a one of laura's favorite bloggers, meg, was in town. we also notice that she happened to be at the same park as us, so we decided to try and meet her. i do things like this all the time.. you know, walk up to people you don't know and tell them you read all about them on the internet, but i still got a teeny bit nervous that she was going to think we were crazy.

so we found her, and then we giggled nervously and planned out what we were going to say. it was all sorts of comical. but she was so nice and didn't seem to think we were crazy at all. her mom took a picture of the four of us, and we went back to tell our mom all about it. a couple minutes later she instagrammed the picture and we died. i hope meg never finds my blog because she will think we are so ridiculous, but we were really excited and couldn't stop talking about it.

we didn't even care that she spelled our last name wrong. it was ridiculous how excited we were. annnnnd then to top it off, all of our mutual bloggy friends commented on the picture. i kept telling my mom they were giving me street cred. bahahahahaha oh my gosh this is so funny thinking about it all again.

i'm ridiculous. but i'm so glad we went and introduced ourselves. after all, she's just a person. a really nice and creative person.


laura made delicious cupcakes.

i hung out with holly, derek and caroline for the last time.

we watched a firework show that i thought was super lame.

we did some sparklers.

and we went home. it was a good day. a good day for america. a good day for blogs. 


  1. I can totally relate to it being weird when you meet a blogger friend in real life! You already know so much about each other, but never have met. Ha!

    Great pictures! Love the fireworks ones especially.

    And you all look super cute in your patriotic outfits!

  2. You are sooo IN in the blogging community! I am proud. Proud cousin.


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