happy mommy's day.

hi mom.

happy mother's day. 

it's actually only january 27th. but i thought i'd write you a mommy's day blog now, schedule it, and then anxiously await its debut on actual mother's day. did you know that mommy's day isn't actually always on may 14th like i thought in my head that it was? it's true. 

you know how for christmas, aunt cindy gave each of us a charm with a picture in it? i'm not quite sure what to do with mine yet. i don't want to put it on my keychain in case it falls off. it's a bit too big to wear around my neck. and i'm nervous about it getting scratched. so, i'm still brainstorming what to do with it. anyway, today, i was examining it pretty closely and realized it is this picture:

instead of this picture:

both of these are from christmas 2010 and were sort of a long time ago, but one has you in it and one doesn't. and i a little bit wished the charm had the one with you in it. that's what inspired this ridiculously early mommy's day post. 

one time you asked me if i ever get homesick. i told you i don't, like ever. i think that hurt your feelings a little bit. good news though, mommy, i've gotten a little bit more homesick this year. i think it's a combination of my job being a little too much not what i was expecting and a little bit of me getting really sick of baldwin food. you make good food.

i haven't quite figured out what i am doing this summer. probably by the time this actually posts on the blog i will know, but as of january 27th, i have no idea. i could go to pine cove, i could go to alaska, i could go to kanakuk (let's be honest, that won't happen), or i could go all across the country with the school. all of those things are great opportunities that would benefit my future or whatever, but each time i think about them, this teensy little bit of me says "go home and hang out with mommy." maybe it's because it's my last real summer, and i know in my brain that probably i won't end up super close to home after i graduate. all my friends live sort of far away from kansas. it's so rude of them to make me decide between them and you. who knows where i will go. 

i think this might be the weirdest mommy's day blog post in the history of the entire universe, but i'm sort of weird, so it's okay, right? i thought it'd be best to finish off this little gem with all the things i like about you or learned from you. or some anyway. 

  • you make good food. 
  • you got me hooked on dark chocolate. especially this kind. you should know that i can't quite contain myself to only one a day like you can.
  • you made me pay for my own school. this is a good thing because it enables me to laugh in the face of people who say things like, "i can't do that, my mom won't let me." and i'm like, "you're 21 years old. do what you want." and then they say, "my parents are paying for my school." and then i'm like, "sucker." thanks, mom.
  • you make good food. 
  • you think i'm awesome.
  • you taught me how to make good smoothies. i will say, i think i have surpassed you in this area of life. i make a good smoothie. 
  • you say things like, "i don't know why they wouldn't hire you, you're the obvious choice." naturally it is impossible for you to know that i'm the obvious choice if you don't know any of the other choices. but that's fine, you're my biggest fan.
  • you let me do things just to figure out i don't like them for myself.
     example: lifeguarding. that was dumb. 
  • you never baught <- i just want you to know that i just tried to spell "bought" with an "a". apparently you didn't teach me to spell. 
  • .... you never bought me a cake from the store for my birthday. bless you woman. people always get so excited when they see cake from the store, and i'm always wondering why they want to eat a dry sponge with some nasty frosting on it. you make the best birthday cakes. i am now a self-proclaimed cake snob. i just can't eat the store bought stuff. make me some cake mom. 
  • you always think my christmas presents are the bee's knees. even when i give them to you like, you know, a week late. i have run out of presents to make you cry though. sorry.
  • you let me go to school really far away cause you knew it was what was best for me even though i think you nearly died without me. i tend to have that effect on people.
mommy, i do have a complaint about you though. you refuse to mail me spaghetti sauce at school. i'm not sure why this is such a big request considering you are obsessed with me. come on. i just want some so bad. i mean you could AT LEAST offer to give me the recipe. you have my mailing address. i expect some spaghetti sauce soon. 

happy mommy's day, mommy. thanks for birthing me. 
your very most favoritest daughter ever. 


  1. Sweet Kimberly - this was the very first thing I saw when I woke up on Mother's Day, and it made me cry. Just as you said, I am your biggest fan, and it did about kill me for you to go so far away, but I am so very proud of the independent, strong young woman you have become. You are one of the most precious gifts God has given me, and I am so very grateful to have another summer with you. I love you so!

  2. best mommys day post ever!

  3. I love starting off my day with your blog.

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  5. I just read this again, and cried, again. I love you so, Kimberly Elizabeth Oyler!


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