green smoothies.

wheeeeeeeeeeeew, you'd think i'd forgotten that i had a blog. i have exactly 4 billion things to take note of here on my little corner of the interwebs, but i don't remember what any of them are. 

i'm home for the summer. i've already mastered the art of making green smoothies with the vitamix. yes, you are right. i only came home for the vitamix. my mother told me i have to quit making smoothies every ten minutes, but i just don't think its fair to let the poor blender sit on the counter while it softly screams, "use me! just use me!" 

i mean this looks really gross, but it tastes really good.

today is a good day because i've already brushed my teeth and it isn't even noon yet. that definitely beats yesterday's 5pm teeth brushing. when you don't have anyone to impress, its just not a necessity. am i right? no? okay. that's fine.

these next few weeks are a nice combination of boring and busy. i have nothing scheduled for daaaaaays and then i have 94832957239 things in the span of a few days. that's how i like it. except not really.

i really need to clean my room. it's a disaster. but i'd rather sit and whine about ordering a book on amazon and then shipping it to the school address instead of my home address. good one!

i'm going to be hanging out with this sweet peanut a lot in the next 2 months. she is moving to florida in july which is the equivalent of chopping half of my heart off and shipping it to another state. i saw her the night i got home, she wouldn't let me hug her, but then she let me put her to bed and sang songs to me. playing hard to get. typical 2 year old behavior. 

i'm going to take her on some dates before she leaves. more for my sake than hers. oh i miss her sweet face already. also, holla for high quality iphone pics. 

i'm already missing my family at school. especially this girl. she loves fiercely and i love that about her. rhoda, come visit meeeeeeeeeeee.

it's time to do something productive and think about putting deodorant on. maybe i shouldn't write things like that on the internet. or, maybe i should.


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