humpty dumpty

let me tell you something you shouldn't do:
put your macbook on the edge of your dresser and trip over the cord. bad things will happen. i speak from experience.

lucky for me, i have applecare (literally the best thing in the world!), and what should have cost me $900 cost me two trips to indy instead. i was without a computer for a week. it was annoying, but i managed. it feels so good to have my precious little baby back, but it is also much easier to get distracted. so, i'll be working on that.

on my way back from indy i saw some blue skies, and the sun even came out for a little bit. it made me crave warm summer so much. one of the downsides of working in alaska last summer was missing all the warm weather. but its definitely worth it.

now: homework. yippee.

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