finals week.

i have been studying like a crazy person, reading pages and pages of notes over and over again to try and absorb some of the information. i don't usually get nervous about finals.. i mean they are just tests.. but i want to do well on these. today, i have my english comp final at 2 and my econ final at 6. out of my 4 finals these are the easier 2. tomorrow, i have the philosophy final at 10 and anatomy at 3. there is a lot of information to know for both of these, but i am more worried about philosophy. hopefully i do well on all of them. that would obviously be ideal.

it is crazy to think that the semester is over already, and that i will be home in less than 48 hours. this semester went so fast. i am getting excited to be home. my mommy will be cooking me delicious food that does not even slightly resemble anything you would find in baldwin. home cooked food is the best part about being home for sure. we also have a gagillion different kinds of cookies for christmas. seriously a gagillion. we are not really into the roll out store bought cookie dough, cut into christmas tree shapes, throw some canned frosting on them, and call it good method. (but if that's your thing.. don't let me stop you.) we prefer to make an unheard of amount of cookie dough in several varieties. including but not limited to: snickerdoodles, m&m cookies, cake mix cookies (personal fave), and no bakes as well as almond roca, pecan bars, haystacks, and ritz peanut butter. i'm drooling already. man, i love christmas time! last year we had a gingerbread house making competition, so hopefully we do that again. laura and i are also planning on making some stuff from pinterest. i'm excited for that.

i must study now.

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