things that make me mad:

having the most perfect sections in the world selected for next semester and forgetting to register until 3 hours after your time only to find that one of the sections is full. dumb. then deciding that you'll just beg the prof to let you in anyways, selecting all your other sections, clicking register, and receiving the following message:
"you are not eligible to register "
why dear friends can i not register? because there is a balance on my account. why is there a balance on my account? because i'm not made of money, and i'm paying off the balance with work study. stupid.
now i'm going to have to go allllllllll the way to the business office where they are mean and argue with them about taking the hold off my account. probably i'll loose a bunch of other sections and then i will cry.

this has been whiny time with kimberly.

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