holla from da big appleee.

new york is crazy. saturday night they beat the crap out of us at practice. that was enjoyable. sunday morning we had breakfast at 7 and then practice for 4 hours, then lunch, then 3 more hours of practice. after that we went to dinner near times square, which by the way is insane. we ate really fast and then went to the m&m store. they gave us free samples; white chocolate m&m's. yum. then we went on the world's longest detour to the broadway theatre where we saw sister act. it was really good. also very sparkly. today we are going on a cruise to ellis island and then going shopping in times square. later tonight we have a dress rehearsal on herald's square with NBC. that will be cool. taylor swift and justin bieber are both in town, so obviously I'm hoping to lay my eyes on them.

and today I leave you with this:
camels on a walk in the city.

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  1. Thanks for the updates, Kimberly! I'll be watching on Thursday - hope to catch a glimpse of you!


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